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Our story

How it all started


A new chapter

Joining the Nordech Group and expanding into Mexico marked a new chapter in Benchmarking Alliance's story, signifying a significant leap in its journey towards becoming a global benchmarking leader.


Surpassing reporting milestones

The company's continued growth, evidenced by more than 2500 hotels reporting data, demonstrated its sustained importance and effectiveness in providing key industry insights.


Navigating the pandemic

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Benchmarking Alliance played a critical role in aiding the hospitality business, government, media, and other stakeholders in understanding the profound impacts on the sector.


DMO services launch

By launching services for Destination Management Organizations, the company broadened its scope, offering specialized insights and services to a new sector within the travel and tourism industry.


Doubling the reporting hotels

Achieving over 2000 hotels reporting data was a testament to the growing trust and reliance of the hospitality industry on Benchmarking Alliance's data and insights.


Expansion into Iceland

The company's expansion into Iceland underscored its commitment to covering the entire Nordic region, further strengthening its presence in the European market.


Recognition as an industry leader

Receiving the award as one of Europe’s Top 20 Extraordinary contributors to the Hotel Industry and Revenue Management solidified Benchmarking Alliance's position as a leader and a key influencer in the industry.


Launch of Conference Trends

The unveiling of Conference Trends represented a strategic move to address the diverse needs of the hospitality sector, enhancing Benchmarking Alliance's reputation as an innovator.


Growth in the Baltics and new launches

The addition of Latvia and Lithuania to its service area, coupled with the launch of On-the-Books and reaching a milestone of over 1000 hotels reporting data, marked a year of significant expansion and product development.


Finnish market entry and product innovation

With its launch in Finland and the introduction of Restaurant Trends, Benchmarking Alliance not only expanded geographically but also diversified its product range to cater to a wider array of hospitality needs.


Entering Estonia

Estonia became the latest addition to Benchmarking Alliance's expanding market, highlighting the company's commitment to broadening its geographical footprint and service offerings.


Expansion in Scandinavia

The company expanded its reach to Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, establishing itself as a significant player in the Nordic region and laying the groundwork for future growth.



Benchmarking Alliance was founded, marking the inception of its journey in the SaaS industry, focused on delivering innovative benchmarking solutions for the hospitality sector.

The team

Meet the team of Benchmarking Alliance


Business Development Manager

Henrik Karlsson


Client Relationship Manager

Per-Anders Pettersson


Customer Success Manager

Caroline Tarre

rasmus l

Chief Technology Officer

Rasmus Loqvist


Product Development

Daniel Nibon


Representative Denmark

Junie Nørsgaard


Representative Finland

Hanna Lak


Representative Estonia

Jako Kapp


Representative Iceland

Robyn Mitchell


Be a part of our team

We are constantly looking for talent within tech, sales and customer success with experience fom SaaS and the hospitality business. If you appreciate working in a startup-environment but with the stability that an organization with a established customer base gives - then Benchmarking Alliance is the right place for you! Reach out to us and we will tell you more! 

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Our solution

The solution for your needs

Hotel Trends

Unlock the full potential of your hotel's performance with our Hotel Trends benchmarking solution. Compare your revenue and occupancy rates against industry standards to identify areas of improvement and seize new growth opportunities.

Hotel Trends

Conference Trends

Elevate your conference facility's success with our Conference Trends benchmarking tool. Gain actionable insights by comparing your attendee numbers and revenue metrics against the industry benchmarks, empowering you to make data-driven decisions.

Conference Trends


On-the-Books is a forward-looking (365 days) benchmarking service that gives you the ability to compare future bookings. This tool is invaluable for anticipating market trends, helping hotels plan and strategize based on upcoming booking patterns.


Restaurant Trends

Restaurant Trends is a specialized benchmarking service designed for the restaurant industry. It provides in-depth analysis of critical industry metrics, helping restaurateurs understand their market position in comparison to competitors. Restaurant Trends gives restaurant owners and managers valuable data, aiding in strategic decision-making to enhance their competitive advantage.

Restaurant Trends

Event Intelligence

Enrich your benchmarking reports with our Event Intelligence add-on. Integrate event calendar and information to correlate market trends with your performance metrics, providing a holistic view that informs smarter, event-driven strategies.

Event Intelligence

Hotel Market Reports

Specifically designed for hospitality investors, Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), and other interested in the hospitality market, Hotel Market Reports offer in-depth analyses and insights into the hospitality industry's performance and trends. These reports provide critical data catering to the unique needs of financial and marketing professionals in the hospitality sector.

Hotel Market Reports
Event Intelligence
Hotel Market Reports