Hotel Trends

Unlock the full potential of your hotel's performance with our Hotel Trends benchmarking solution. By subscribing to our collaborative data-sharing solution, you contribute your hotel's data and, in return, gain access to a comprehensive array of industry benchmarks. Compare your revenue and occupancy rates against industry standards to identify areas of improvement and seize new growth opportunities.

  • Key Performance Indicators Measured: Track a comprehensive range of KPIs including RevPAR, ADR, OCC%, TrevPAR, Bed OCC%, and ancillary revenue to thoroughly gauge your hotel's performance.
  • Insights into Market Trends and Performance.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making.
Hotel Trends

Hotel trends

We outline how benchmarking your business against key performance indicators can help you identify areas for improvement and ultimately gain a competitive edge

The "Hotel Trends" solution by Benchmarking Alliance is a sophisticated benchmarking tool designed specifically for the hotel industry, offering a comprehensive suite of services to enhance hotel performance. By enabling hotels to compare their revenue and occupancy rates against industry standards, it provides valuable insights into market trends and operational efficiencies.

This service is tailored to empower hoteliers with data-driven decision-making capabilities, ensuring that they can strategically position themselves in a competitive market. With a focus on real-time data and analytics, Hotel Trends offers a customized approach to benchmarking, making it an essential tool for any hotel seeking to optimize its performance and seize new growth opportunities.

Latest benchmarks

Stockholm - April 2024


+13% vs LY



+8,7% vs LY



+16,1% vs LY


Copenhagen - April 2024


-7,2% vs LY



-6,2% vs LY



+27,7% vs LY


Oslo - April 2024


+22,6% vs LY



+28,0% vs LY



+9,6% vs LY


Helsinki - April 2024


+16,3% vs LY



+3,2% vs LY



+23,4% vs LY


Reykjavik - April 2024


-5,6% vs LY



-16,1% vs LY



+25,5% vs LY


Riga - April 2024


-8,2% vs LY



-1,1 % vs LY


Tallinn - April 2024


-9,2% vs LY



-22,2% vs LY



+36,2% vs LY


Get to know the product

Elevating hotel performance: Comprehensive benchmarking with Hotel Trends


How Hotel Trends works

Hotel Trends system efficiently retrieves hotel data daily from integrated facilities, incorporating both automated data aggregation and options for manual reporting. This robust approach ensures a comprehensive collection of data. Crucially, the benchmarking is conducted in relation to a compset defined by you. This compset must be sufficiently large to guarantee data anonymity and integrity. Following data collection, our system processes this information to produce accurate and relevant KPIs and benchmarks. Users can access these insights via a user-friendly web interface, download them in Excel format for detailed analysis, receive regular updates through email subscriptions, or optionally have imported to their own data warehouse. By tailoring the compset, Hotel Trends ensures that the benchmarks are not only precise but also directly relevant to your hotel's specific market segment.
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KPIs measured by Hotel Trends

Hotel Trends focuses on crucial KPIs that matter most in the hospitality industry. These indicators provide a comprehensive view of your hotel's performance, highlighting areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

  • RevPAR
  • ADR
  • OCC%
  • TRevPAR
  • RevPG
  • Bed OCC%
  • And many more

Using benchmarking in Hotel Operations

Utilizing Hotel Trends benchmarking is a practical tool across various levels of hotel operations. In management meetings, it serves as a data-driven foundation for strategic discussions, allowing leaders to make informed decisions based on market comparisons. For frontline teams, these benchmarks can guide daily operations, helping staff understand and meet industry standards. Additionally, the insights derived from benchmarking are invaluable for training purposes, ensuring that every team member, from housekeeping to the front desk, aligns with the hotel's performance goals. By integrating benchmarking into regular team reviews and management strategies, Hotel Trends becomes an integral part of your hotel's continual improvement and success.

The ROI of using Hotel Trends

Using Hotel Trends translates into tangible benefits for your hotel. By providing detailed insights and actionable data, this tool helps improve operational efficiency, enhance guest experiences, and ultimately drive higher revenues. Hotels using Hotel Trends have reported increased occupancy rates, optimized pricing strategies, and RevPAR. The return on investment is seen not only in increased financial performance but also in the ability to make proactive, data-driven decisions, keeping your hotel competitive and forward-thinking in a dynamic industry.

Don't just take our word for it

Being a customer since 2010, we have consistently relied on Benchmarking Alliance's Hotel Trends and On-the-Books to steer our decision-making process. The depth of analysis on key performance indicators have not only enhanced our strategic planning but also significantly boosted our market competitiveness. Their service is a game-changer for any hotel serious about staying ahead in the industry. There is not a day at the office when the Benchmarking Alliance-reports are not on the screen.

Pär Augustsson VP Total Profit Strawberry

I am regularly using the On-the-Books report. It provides a clear and comprehensive overview of the markets future bookings. I use it in our commercial meetings showcasing our current performance but also in comparing us with our competitors. It's a great tool that helps us quickly understand why we are leading in some areas and gives us a chance to delve into reasons when we're trailing behind in others. This report has become an invaluable part of our work routine.

Eric Bäcklund Total Revenue Manager Jacy'z Hotel & Resort

As a DMO Benchmarking Alliance is an invaluable tool in our daily work. It provides critical market insights and a broader view of the region's overall status. This information gives us confidence when discussing the tourism industry with the media, enabling informed comparisons. We are impressed with Event Intelligence, a standout tool for tracking major regional events and their impact on hotel occupancy and RevPAR in the Stavanger area. It provides us with a clear and actionable perspective.

Per Morten Haarr Director Of Tourism Region Stavanger

Throughout our longstanding partnership, Benchmarking Alliance has proven to be a strong partner for us. Their comprehensive reports serve as a cornerstone for our revenue analysis, whether it is on chain level, for hotels on our revenue service or for individual properties. The reports offer great insights, not only shaping the strategy of our hotels but also driving the overarching strategy of BWH Hotels Scandinavia. The team at Benchmarking Alliance is great to collaborate with and always helpful.

Monika Moser Chief Technology Officer BWH | Hotel Group

As a mid-sized Swedish city, we greatly benefit from data-based analysis. Through Benchmarking Alliance, we gain a comprehensive view of how Linköping is developing as a destination, both in favorable and challenging times. The ability to compare with other cities, almost in real-time, makes this tool even more valuable. In short, we encourage all hotels in Linköping to participate in Benchmarking Alliance for their own benefit and for the advancement of Linköping as a destination.

Jörgen Nilsson Head of Tourism Visit Linköping & Co

Benchmarking is a valuable tool for evaluating your market position. It reassures you during peak season that your pricing is on point and during low season that dips in occupancy are a general trend. This comparison helps you understand the market better and identify dates where you can increase prices. Benchmarking a user-friendly tool that uncovers key metrics, allowing you to delve deep into the numbers.

Linda Karlsson Hotel Manager Brösarps Gästgifveri

How to get started

Get started in three steps

Step 01


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Book a demo

Begin your journey by scheduling a personalized demonstration. This initial step provides an opportunity to see the platform in action, understand its capabilities, and how it can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our team will guide you through the features and benefits of the solution, ensuring you have a clear understanding of its value and impact.

Step 02


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Easy start and PMS integration

Once you decide to proceed, the integration process is streamlined and straightforward. Hotel Trends seamlessly integrates with your existing Property Management System (PMS), ensuring a hassle-free setup. Our support team will assist you in this process, making sure the transition is smooth and that the system is configured to align with your hotel's specific requirements and data points.

Step 03


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Benchmark and enhance performance

With an integrated solution, you can start benchmarking your performance against industry standards. This final step involves utilizing the insights and data-driven analysis provided by the tool to identify areas of improvement, set strategic goals, and implement changes. Regular use of benchmarking will empower you to continuously monitor performance, stay ahead of market trends, and make informed decisions to improve your operational efficiency and profitability.

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Your data is secure

At Benchmarking Alliance, we have earned the trust of numerous large corporations due to our unwavering commitment to data security. Your data is more than just numbers to us; it's a vault of your business insights, deserving high level of security. Our reputation is built on a foundation of trust and confidentiality, ensuring your data remains unexposed and secure at all times. With clients that includes many reputable corporations, you can confidently entrust us with your data, knowing it will remain secure and undisclosed.


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