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The data-driven strategy that propels Nobis Group to Success

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Data isn't just power in the hospitality landscape – it's the compass guiding every decision. Yet, numbers alone aren't enough; it's their application that counts. Discover how they use competitor data to improve their agility, create insight-driven actions, and enhance their forward-looking capabilities. 

Nobis Group – from family values to industry leadership

Nobis Group boasts several restaurants and eight hotels, with the ninth soon to open its doors. The group, rooted in family values and traditions, has become a major player in the hospitality industry, delivering distinctive experiences through its diverse operations – with a strong presence in (but not limited to) Sweden and Denmark.

Sebastian Arnshelm, Director of Revenue and Sales within the Nobis Group, oversees a range of areas pivotal to the commercial success of the company. His portfolio includes revenue management, e-commerce, and data analysis. He tells us:

— At Nobis, our commitment to individuality sets us apart. Each of our establishments has its distinct identity and brand, ensuring every guest enjoys a unique experience. This dedication is visible not only in our Swedish offerings but also in our international ones.

Why monitoring performance is key 

What led Nobis Group to seek out a benchmarking platform was the need for a comprehensive tool to monitor and assess their hotels, restaurants and conference facilities’ market performance.

— Having a deep understanding of the market developments and real-time performance metrics is crucial. Such insights allow us to gauge whether we’re on track with current market trends or if there is a need to pivot and adapt our strategies, Sebastian says.

To maintain their edge and navigate the complexities of the hotel world, the demand for accurate and actionable data became even more pronounced – especially as they entered new territories like Spain. He continues:

— In the hospitality industry, having accurate data is a necessity. As we expanded into new markets, the landscape became even more intricate. It's essential for us to understand where we stand, identify opportunities, and make informed decisions to elevate our guest experience and operational efficiency continually – wherever we operate. 

An obvious preferred choice

Benchmarking Alliance provides hotels with accurate competitor benchmarks for the hospitality industry through a platform with powerful analytics and reporting capabilities. While Sebastian had previous engagements with them in other roles and companies, choosing to work with them again at Nobis wasn't solely based on past experiences.

— Selecting a partner depends on factors such as how extensive their coverage is. Benchmarking Alliance has an exceptional presence in the Nordics, making them an obvious preferred choice.

Also, with the large amount of data sources available today, reliable and accurate information is essential. Sebastian highlights this by saying:

— Professionals want assurance that the numbers they base their decisions on are managed precisely using a robust system that guarantees accuracy and consistency. While competitors exist, they often lack the granularity and tailored insights needed for clear-cut decision-making. Some might match Benchmarking Alliance’s credibility, but they usually lag behind in user experience and reporting capabilities.

He summarizes:

— It's the combination of credibility, top-notch user experience, and dynamic reporting that positions Benchmarking Alliance at the forefront, distinguishing them from other players in the market. 

Enhanced strategies and tangible results

Sebastian reflects on the concrete benefits of using the platform:

— One of the greatest advantages is the agility the data provides. With direct and real-time feedback, we can swiftly adjust strategies to better align with the changing market. This, in turn, enables us to finetune pricing strategies and capacity allocations to maximize returns.

Another  major impact of the partnership is evident in revenue management and optimization:

— Leveraging benchmarking data makes a significant difference when it comes to pricing and capacity. For instance, in markets like Spain, where there's a noticeable lack of comparative insights, we're limited to our internal figures. When we compare the outcomes from such markets to those where we do have access to data, the benefits become very tangible, Sebastian explains.

He also mentions the platform’s On The Books (OTB) service, specifying:

— The platform’s historical data is the real game-changer. But, the OTB service adds another layer by letting us anticipate and analyze future pickup trends, which enables us to better position ourselves competitively in the market. We simply submit our booking rates for the next 365 days and receive a detailed overview of day-by-day occupancy forecasts up to a year in advance – aggregated from all participating hotels.

— For example, the service helps us navigate fluctuating tourist numbers in major cities. By giving us a clear view of anticipated demand, we can capitalize on it to ensure optimal occupancy and guest satisfaction. 

"A commitment to optimizing user experience with a focus on the needs of hostels" 

One of the cornerstones of a dependable benchmarking provider is how business processes are employed. It's also essential that the data is up to date, mirrors ongoing market dynamics, and is easy to analyze.

— The platform Benchmarking Alliance offers is fine-tuned to how the hospitality sector works. They've definitely demonstrated a commitment to optimizing user experience with a focus on the needs of hotels and their teams, Sebastian says.

— The depth of industry expertise at Benchmarking Alliance, evident in many of their team members, amplifies their value even more. Additionally, their ability to create and maintain strong relationships with other hotels not only creates more trust but also ensures the data we receive is always timely and relevant to our specific needs. 

Nobody can navigate in the dark

Playing with the thought of operating without benchmarking data, Sebastian admits:

— The consequence of not partnering with Benchmarking Alliance would be a less nuanced approach to our strategies. Without access to their data, our strategic decisions would have to be made with a broader brush.

Through a unified vision, both parties work together to gather more valuable data, aiding entry and eventual foothold in new markets.

— We’ve embarked on new ventures in the conference and event sectors. When branching into these areas, a challenge arises: what data metrics should be prioritized? What indicators actually reflect performance and potential in these segments? Without Benchmarking Alliance, we’d be navigating in the dark, potentially missing out on key insights and opportunities to fine-tune our strategies.

More than just a partnership 

Sebastian holds the collaboration in high regard, particularly valuing Benchmarking Alliance’s flexibility and willingness to innovate.

— Over the years, Benchmarking Alliance has demonstrated an openness to development ideas. They also go above and beyond to deliver tailored, ad hoc analyses that cater to our needs. Their commitment to long-term collaboration is apparent, Sebastian remarks.

He also emphasizes the strong relationship they’ve built over time:

— The way they operate aligns perfectly with our values. We don't view them as a supplier; to us, Benchmarking Alliance stands as a genuine partner integral to our operations.