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Converting data to strategy: The Hotel with Urban Deli story

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Discover how Urban Deli revolutionized their strategies and turned data into actionable insights with the help of Benchmarking Alliance.

Converting data to strategy: The Hotel with Urban Deli story

Success in the hotel industry hinges on the ability to make data-driven decisions. But it's not just about having data; it's about using it correctly. So, how do industry leaders turn raw data into decisive strategies? Explore Hotel with Urban Deli’s methodology and discover how their collaboration with Benchmarking Alliance led to a remarkable uptick in operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

Redefining the hotel experience

Introducing "Hotel with...", Urban Deli showcases a fresh, innovative take on hotel experiences. While their core attractions are their upscale restaurant, rooftop bar and retail store, Urban Deli seamlessly incorporates a place to stay into the mix. Interestingly, many visitors remain unaware of the hidden gem of a hotel within the premises.

Far from just offering a bed, Urban Deli's environment buzzes with life and activity. Imagine checking into your hotel at a café – surrounded by a vibrant ambience and a stone’s throw away from the venue’s top-notch amenities. That’s what Hotel with Urban Deli delivers.

Elin Mengüç holds the role of Hotel Manager at Hotel with Urban Deli. Her responsibilities are varied, from overseeing the hotel's finances to ensuring optimal pricing strategies. Elin also manages the café operations, ensuring its services align with the hotel's standards.

— At Urban Deli, we're not just about providing a room. We focus on delivering a comprehensive experience for our guests. Our goal is to ensure that every service, whether in the hotel or our café, meets the expectations of our patrons. This commitment to quality and service is what sets Urban Deli apart, Elin states.

Benchmarking is unnegotiable in the hotel world

In an industry as competitive as hospitality, the key to success isn't just about delivering excellent service but also understanding one's position in the larger market. Urban Deli, forever on the lookout for a competitive edge, emphasizes the importance of benchmarking for any hotel aiming to be at the top of its game:

— To truly understand how we fare, it's not enough to look inward. We need to compare ourselves with others in different contexts. Benchmarking doesn’t just point out competition; it helps us feel the market’s heartbeat and adapt accordingly, Elin says.

Having worked with industry benchmarking for years, Elin knows its pivotal role in catching trends and optimizing pricing strategies.

— Picture this: The data isn't just useful for individual hotels. It's also a tool that city planners or groups like the Stockholm Convention Bureau can use to plan big events and congresses when hotels need it the most. This kind of planning helps make sure there are enough guests to fill rooms and boosts profits, creating a win-win situation for the whole city, Elin explains.

“They provide an unparalleled volume and quality of data”

When Elin joined Hotel with Urban Deli, they were already collaborating with Benchmarking Alliance – much to her delight. Elin quickly solidified them as the gold standard in the benchmarking arena, giving her endorsement:

— The holistic view offered by Benchmarking Alliance can be likened to a helicopter perspective – it allows users to see the broader picture while also providing the option to zoom in on specific details. They provide an unparalleled volume and quality of data compared to other market players, Elin asserts.

UrbanDeli Interior

Ensuring the right decisions are made (and more)

With Elin's guidance in leveraging insights from Benchmarking Alliance, Urban Deli was able to optimize their decision-making processes. She underlines this with an example:

— Hotels often face challenges when analyzing performance over certain periods. For example, school vacations like Easter can fall in either March or April. While these holidays have a tangible impact on our revenues, they don't align with fixed dates. Benchmarking Alliance’s data provides context for such irregularities, ensuring that we’re making apples-to-apples comparisons.

— Tapping into historical data is also crucial. For example, consider the varying number of concerts in Stockholm each year. With Benchmarking Alliance’s platform, we can align past events with specific days of the week. This historical, comprehensive picture helps us understand the factors influencing our performance.

Elin's experience shows that with the right approach, Benchmarking Alliance's platform is a tool that enhances strategies and drives results. But it doesn’t end there.

— Working with Benchmarking Alliance has not only optimized our operations but also revealed a great amount of opportunities. There are heaps of data available, and we're just scratching the surface. Now, the potential for innovative solutions is limitless. Whenever I dive into the Benchmarking Alliance dashboard, I find another layer of insights waiting to be leveraged, Elin tells us.

A platform that stays ahead of the curve

In an industry where timely responses and good service can make or break a partnership, Elin reflects on her experience with Benchmarking Alliance:

— Working with Benchmarking Alliance has been nothing short of exceptional for us. Their responsiveness is impressive (which is hard to come by). But it's not just about speed; it's the professionalism, friendliness, and educational approach they bring to each interaction that stands out.

Elin also highlights how well Benchmarking Alliance accommodates the needs of their clients

— For example, there was a time when the system only allowed us to compare data with the previous year. After highlighting the benefits of being able to look further back, like two or three years ago, Benchmarking Alliance acted swiftly to add this feature. Being able to compare multiple past years gives us a much broader perspective. They're always quick to adapt, keeping their platform ahead of the curve, Elin shares.

There’s no going back

Navigating hotel management without the right tools can be daunting. Elin paints a picture of this scenario, saying:

— I genuinely couldn't envision my work without Benchmarking Alliance now. The insights and efficiencies we gain from it are invaluable. To be blunt, without them, not only would my job be almost impossible, but the entire reasoning behind running a hotel would be questioned. It's that pivotal.