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Benchmarking | Alliance provides accurate competitor benchmarks for the hospitality industry.


Online platform for key performance indicator benchmarking

We deliver a powerful business intelligence platform for KPI benchmarking between competitors in a range of industries.

Benchmarking of your most important KPIs

We provide you with accurate daily competitor benchmarks on the most important industry key performance indicators, such as RevPAR, ADR, Occupancy and CRevPAS.

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Powerful analytics and reporting

Our web-based analytics platform lets you slice and dice your data, giving you a full overview of the trends and events affecting you. All data is available through in our analytics platform, or through Excel-based reports.

Your own data is never exposed

We deliver average benchmarks in chosen sets of companies. This means that you can get relevant benchmarks based on your direct competitors, and that noone will ever see your particular data.

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* Applies to data reporting hotels, conference venues and restaurants.

Benchmark data from 1000+ companies in 7 countries.

Proven provider of statistics and market research

We deliver accurate market data to investors, market researchers,
consultants and real estate companies.

Hotel market reports

We deliver the latest market data on RevPAR, TRevPAR, Average Daily Rate, Occupancy from our database of over 1000 hotels in seven countries. Sample reports that can be obtained for competitive sets or markets:

Monthly Digest
Monthly Digest w/ weekdays
Daily Market report

Industry forecasts

Based on our on-the-books benchmarking service, we can deliver a snapshot of the upcoming 12 months hotel market performance for the major Nordic markets.

Online data access

With access to our online market data platform, you are able to access data for several markets - when you need it.

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Latest RevPAR benchmarks (November 2023):

Powered by local partners and experts

We work with a strong network of local partner companies to ensure high data quality and an understanding of local industry dynamics.

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